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We make ethical and sustainable apparel. How? Our 20-year commitment to sustainability guides how our apparel is designed, made and sold across three central pillars:

1. Caring for Our People

A commitment to maintaining industry-leading working conditions and labour practices.

2. Conserving The Environment

A commitment to the development and implementation of sustainable innovative solutions.

3. Creating Stronger Communities

A commitment to contribute to our communities by helping them become stronger and more resilient.

Did You Know?

Unlike other brands, we actually make our own clothes! Our company was founded on a belief that owning our factories was the best way to make great apparel. From spinning our own yarns through to assembling the final garments, we have unparalleled control and visibility across our operations which allows us to implement industry-leading labour and environmental practices throughout.


A 20-Year Journey in the Making:

Our sustainability journey started over 20 years ago! From launching our natural wastewater system (called Biotop) in 2001 to being named one of the 100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies in the World by The Wall Street Journal in 2020, we’ll come a long way to get to where we are today.


Transparency Matters!

Wearing clothes feels better when you now that the people who made them received fair wages, good benefits and were empowered to share in the company’s success.

Latest News

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